Positively Influencing Tomorrow.

Sustainability is simply good business. Since Hilton Worldwide brands touch thousands of communities and millions of people every day, it’s important for us to lead our industry with sustainable practices that deliver great guest experiences and protect the world we live in.


Read the recent article in Green Lodging News, “Hilton Introduces ‘Meet with Purpose’ to Inspire Sustainable Choices for Events.”



Hilton Concord Green Initiatives


Pillow-Vac Pillow Renewal System

No more land fill contributions, which take years to decompose. No more CO2 generation in trips to the land fills. CO2 reduction.  All done on site. Creates added value and significance  to our “Pure Room” allergenic guest room Program.

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Low Temperature Dish Washer System

Reduced gas energy usage (therms) by replacing gas heated hot water in the dishwashing cycle to lower temperature water, achieving same end result. Utilities companies grant incentives for energy conservation applications.


BioHitech America / Eco-Safe Digester

The system processes 1200lbs of food waste using micro organisms, in a 24 hour period to water which is then through the sewer system retuned to the water supply system after filtration. Has eliminated 6.5 tons of food waste monthly being hauled off the site to the land fills reducing costs and creating enhanced on site sorting of recycling by employees.

Extensive Recycling

Throughout the hotel premises we have containers grouped together which identify cans, plastics, glass, paper and trash. Each floor at the elevator foyer has containers which enable housekeeping to deposit appropriately from guest room accumulations. It offers convenience and encourages guests to participate. We are experiencing excellent results.


Guestroom & Public Space Total Energy Management System

Vacant rooms can be shut down and reactivated at check in when a room key is made. Ballrooms are activated at appropriate times for events which eliminates “phantom energy loss” in unused space saving huge dollar costs and saves huge energy demands. The system is very state of the art operating from an advanced cloud system.

Low-Flow Eco-flush Toilets

Newly installed low flush toilets in Guest rooms and public restrooms went from 3.1 gallons per flush to 1.6 gal per flush. We received an incentive payment from a utility company that reimbursed the property for the cost of the toilets because our sustainability initiative would save 390,000 gallons of water use demand annually.


Ultra Efficient LED Lighting in Guestrooms and Public Areas

As part of the energy reduction at the property we reduced energy demand from our LED Lighting program throughout the guest rooms and public spaces.

Eco-Friendly Dyson Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms

The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is the fastest hand dryer – cleaning the air before blowing it onto hands, so it’s hygienic too. It also uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers. It’s more cost efficient than paper towels and creates less waste that ends up in landfill.


Paperless Front Desk & Guest Check-In

Committed to providing guests with an exceptional experience and meeting sustainable principles., Hilton Concord is proud to introduce a paperless check-in and check-out system. With implementation of this technology, the hotel is expecting to raise the bar in the efficiency of our associates, in order to focus on better guest service.

Solar Film on Windows

Solar film conserves energy as it reflects thermal energy and a percentage of UV rays back outdoors. Solar window treatments reflect UV rays, which play a big part in fading carpet and furniture fabric. Reduced energy costs through lighting, air-conditioning and other appliances, lower energy demands.


Well-Water & Drip Irrigation System for Landscaping

With our drip irrigation system, we use water efficiently and lose little water to runoff, deep percolation, or evaporation. Irrigation scheduling is managed precisely to reduces water contact with crop leaves, stems, and fruit.

Natural Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Bottle Water

The Natura water purification system significantly reduces contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides and chemical impurities such as mercury, lead and arsenic. We no longer need to purchase, store, or refrigerate bottled water, which helps protect the environment and our bottom line.


Sustainable Purchasing Eco-Products for Banquets & Restaurants

Our sustainable procurement works not on a cost- benefit analysis, but with a view to maximizing sustainability with a preference for eco-friendly products.